PDF file editing is difficult, compared to DOCX format, what is the meaning of its existence?

PDF means hard to edit!

DOCX is a compressed file format based on the OfficeOpenXML standard. It can be read and edited by any word processor that can open DOC files. It is easy to use,pdf editor free low stability, change the device to open, typesetting is not the same, the printed word flying around is not the same.

PDF file is not the same, the consistency is very strong, the Lord is stable as an old dog! In different computers, different software opened, the display effect is the same. After this document is printed on paper, the effect of the paper will be the same for anyone who sees it. When transferring or printing, this consistency can avoid a lot of trouble and will never appear again. What I see is different from what the customer sees.

From the main question can also be seen, many people think that the PDF can not be edited very obsession, but through this information editing is not free, in now is already not a problem, with the help of third-party payment software, you can develop a very easy solution to the PDF editing environment!

Here are three handy PDF editing tools:

WPS is a piece of software that you should all be familiar with. It is a must-have office software for mobile phones. It supports PDF reading and editing, as well as some simple operations such as PDF format conversion and size compression.

Especially after joining the membership, you can easily deal with issues such as PDF editing notes, and because it can be used on multiple computers at the same time, painless and mobile exchange, cloud storage is very convenient ~

There are two versions of this software, APP version and PC version, which are very easy to use. This software is usually used for office use, and all editing functions are clear at a glance. Although mobile editing is not as convenient as computer, it adds a lot of PDF operation design, such as PDF compression, merging, and splitting.

The following are introduced:

PC version

Often use the need to edit PDF friends, PC version must try! Not only can support any addition or subtraction of text teaching content, there is also a rich PDF editing technology operation in the toolbar above the software. In addition to the theoretical basic functions of common highlighting, deleting lines and underlining through comparative study, there are also some advanced management functions such as regular or irregular box selection, arrows, post-it notes, stamps, stickers, and attachment addition. It can effectively solve all the PDF editing environment problems of the enterprise, and the PDF completed by editing can also be printed with one click, which is very easy to use!

APP version

It also supports text editing, drawing, annotation, highlighting and other operations, and it also provides free PDF reading function, page turning is very convenient, do not worry about flying pages, more conducive to reading; In addition, some PDF conversion operations can also be easily implemented through the software.

In short, not only can you read PDF barrier-free, but also powerful enough to edit PDF, but also consider some PDF format conversion needs. Is a comprehensive professional PDF editing software, Android users only need this software to play PDF!

This is an online note site, you can upload PDF and other formats of the file, open and take notes, for students more practical, note function is mainly in the left toolbar, you can highlight the key, underline, tick box extract content can be found in the right toolbar extract and notes.

For friends who often read foreign literature, the function of this website is very friendly. You can directly select the original content for translation. The application is very convenient.

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